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South Social meets Chile

21st October 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Cinema Museum, London
South Social meets Chile @ Cinema Museum, London

South Social Film Festival is an immersive movie, music & dining experience celebrating independent world cinema. First launched in 2015, South Social dedicates every event to a different country, turning into a platform to celebrate diversity through art, cinema, world music and food.

On October 21, SSFF celebrates Chile. Chilean cinema has a long history with visionary masters like Raúl Ruiz and Alejandro Jodorowski and a great vibrant life with the new generation of filmmakers, Patricio Guzmán and Pablo Larraín, (Neruda and No) We selected a new entry, a wonderful director, Marcela Said and her latest film, LOS PERROS, presented at Cannes Film festival. A blasting study of todays’ mingling of the past Chilean dictatorship through the eyes of a high- octane female protagonist. A Chilean version of the Night porter with the ambiguous seduction of the torturer. The director will present the film and Q&A.

Main hub is the Cinema Museum, a hidden gem in South London where Charlie Chaplin used to work. The Cinema Museum preserves the history and grandeur of cinema with an impressive collection of memorabilia from the golden era of cinema. It’s run by a charity made of film specialists, Ronald Grant, owner of the largest photo archive in the world and Martin Humphries, great film historian.

A live concert by a Chilean Cueca group, La Veleidosa, led by Maria Battle, a super Chilean band with a unique repertoire of the diversity of South American music and some delicious regional food by The Castle sports bar, will be served throughout the event to complete the overall experience.

South Social Film Festival is South London’s home for international independent films, music and food events. Created and founded by Italian film journalist, Paola Melli, South Socialmeets the World series received rave reviews and nurtured a loyal clientele of film, music and food enthusiasts.

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